What in the world is this Mystery Flower?

I am completely stumped and entirely intrigued by this vine! By chance are you familiar with it?

Dutchmans Pipe Flowering Vine

While I was driving down a very tiny street in Summerland last week I saw this vine. I couldn't believe my eyes. It's quite unusual looking, wouldn't you say? The street was so narrow I could practically reach out and touch it. I opted to stop and take some photos. Have you ever seen a vine like this.

For some reason the pattern and colors remind me of wallpaper or fabric in the style of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement. 

If I can get up my nerve I'll leave a note on the gate asking what in the world this vine is called.  If I get a response I'll let you know. If you know the answer to the name and origin of this mystery vine please leave a comment!

À Bientôt;