The Little antique Chair ...

Main Street Chatham Massachusettes

One year when I was about 7 years old we were on our annual summer vacation on Cape Cod, MA. when I became quite ill. My brother and sister were enjoying themselves with their friends, at the beach, sailing lessons and general summer fun. All the while I was sick in bed.

My wonderful mother came up with a lovely plan to entice me back to better health and I rallied! It was to be an adventure. We would be going on a day trip to scour the antique shops in Chatham looking for treasures.

One of the beautiful antique shops in Chatham.

One of the beautiful antique shops in Chatham.

Chatham was (and still is) a lovely town filled with beautiful old historic houses and equally beautiful antique shops. Most of which at that time had rules that children were not welcome and they meant it too! A few were a little more open minded as long as you didn't touch anything.
It was in one of the 'No children allowed' shops where I spotted a little antique chair. I was so excited because I had never bought an antique before. Clutching the $8.00 it had taken me forever to save I opened the screen door and stepped over the threshold with my mother right behind me.

Suddenly, and seemingly faster than the speed of light, I was staring at a mans pants. Looking down I saw a large pair of shoes, I looked up to see up an unfriendly face peering down at me.

Sandwiched between he and my mother I heard him say ‘Didn’t you see the sign?’ ‘Children are not allowed in here’. My mother took up my cause as she always did trying her best to convince him it would be okay, I wouldn’t break anything but he would not be persuaded. We walked through the pretty town park with its sweet old bandstand in search of other possibilities. 

Town square gazebo and antique shops in Chatham, MA.

Town square gazebo and antique shops in Chatham, MA.

With steam coming from my ears... we went onto the next antique shop. The only thing lacking from this one was the "No Children" sign hanging in the store window. I couldn't believe my luck to happen upon another little chair just waiting for me! This one was not in perfect 18th century condition but probably from the same time period. It needed some TLC which I was happy to provide and was right in my budget ($8.00).  I was so elated that I proudly carried my chair back over to the first antique shop and caught the eye of the owner.  All in hopes that he would think twice about refusing service to a serious customer.

Antique English Childs Chair.

My little antique chair is on hold for my future grandchildren but being put to good use in the mean time!