Sunday Thoughts | Monet


Bonjour Mes Amis,

Paint What You Really See..

Not what you think you see; not the object isolated as in a test tube, but the object enveloped in sunlight and atmosphere, with the blue dome of Heaven reflected in the shadows.

- Claude Monet

I have always appreciated the paintings of Claude Monet (French, 1840–1926.) I studied his works as well as many other artists when I was in school an eon or two ago. I have had the good fortune to visit his beloved garden in Giverny France several times, his home as well.
I have stood in awe in front of his paintings here in the States and in museums around the world. Most recently and closer to home the exhibit Monet: The Early Years  at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.
His thoughts on his subjects as they relate to light and the atmosphere surrounding them are inspiring. Not just as an approach to painting but as a way of 'seeing' and relating to ones environment at all times.
Do you have a favorite artist? I would love to know who they are and how they inspire you.  If you are so inclined please leave a comment.

A Bientot, Claudia 14