Shop News; Grain Sacks

Vintage Grain Sacks

I have been trying to find European grain sacks to offer for sale in my shop and (drum roll please...) I think I have found them! Some are hemp and linen and others all linen. 
They can be used to make; aprons, tote bags, grain sack pillows,  
upholstery projects, and even roman shades if you wanted. Honestly, the list of possibilities goes on and on. They aren't perfect, they do have patches and some are in better condition than others.
I admit I was excited to find them and I didn't use my most discerning eyes at the moment of selection. That being said-
I will probably have a few patches myself if I live a 100 years. 

Now, being the experts you are... I would really appreciate your feedback. What do you think of these? Do you use grain sacks for your creations? What is most important to you when you are choosing them? What color stripe(s) do you look for? 
You can see them here in the antique French linens section of my antique shop.