French Flea Market | Chateau Sonoma

Atelier de Campagne

Atelier de Campagne

Bonjour Mes Amis,

I wanted to share one of my favorite flea markets with you. It is the Chateau Sonoma French Flea market held yearly in Sonoma California. Have you ever been to it?  It is presented by Sara Anderson owner of the Chateau Sonoma a scrumptious shop in the Sonoma wine country.
The line was long an hour and a half before the opening. Even at the early hour the atmosphere sparkled with the sounds of anticipation and the voices of friends as they made their rendez-vous. People who had lost touch reconnected with laughter and story telling, catching up on their latest news. All of us eager for the hunt to begin....
And begin it did! The atmosphere has always been fabulous and this year was no exception, beautiful antiques and vintage finds from Europe, yummy things to eat and drink, and live French Music played by Michel Michelis on his Orgue de Barbarie. It was a beautiful day in Sonoma, the joie de vivre was palpable, I couldn't have asked for more!

I though you might enjoy seeing some photos. There are a few below and LOTS more photos from the French Flea Market here. I hope you will enjoy them!

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