Orange pumpkins and Purple Grapes Farmers Market
Autumn red and green peppers
Cascading Orange and Red Sweet Peppers
Making a Bouquet at the Farmers Market
Green and Orange Pumpkins, Green Bell Peppers, and Purple Grapes
Cornicopia of cascading squash, Green Pumpkin, Grapes and Colorful Peppers
A Group of Squash Blossoms
close up of red chilis at the farmers market
Sunflowers with large dark centers
Beets and root vegetables for sale lined up on table
Farmers and customers at the market
Honey and Beeswax Candles
Freshly Preserved Jam and Jellies
Customer relations at the farmers market
Rolling French market basket filled to the brim with bounty from the farmers market
Green and Purple Basil with Orange Pumpkins
 Farmers Market Stand
Beautiful Chanterelles
Colorful Heirloom Tomatoes
Orange Pumpkins Red Grapes and colorful Bell Peppers
White and Purple Eggplants
Cornicopia filled with Autumn Vegetables
Closeup of Gourdes
Pretty Speckled Beans
Beets of all color, size and shape
Golden Bell Peppers
Peppers, Chilies, Eggplant in baskets
Farmers market herbs
Orange carrots in bunches on deep blue table cloth
Dried red chilies in hanging bunches
Group of red peppers - close up
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