In The Beginning....

To say it has been a LONG process to begin a blog would be an understatement! There are so many wonderful blogs and talented bloggers I was loath to try. In spite of that, holding my breath I have finally taken the plunge!

It would be remiss of me not to mention how much I appreciate all the input, encouragement and help I have received from my friends and family. 'You can do it!' being the most frequently heard battle cry. I honestly dared not surrender but marched on, through the abyss of 'rss feeds', 'css' 'HTML code' and various other alphabetical challengers. 

Although I have a huge learning curve ahead of me I'll do my best to entice you with a fresh, interesting and beautiful blog. To start there will be new posts twice weekly. If you like you can sign up to receive updates automatically. C'est  facile. Just enter your email in the sidebar and Voilà! 

Collage of photographs of France and French Antiques.jpg

Did I mention I would love to hear from you? Do leave a comment, send an email or connect with me through social media. Before you leave I encourage you to take a peek in the new shop, you never know what treasure you may find!

And now a little pause before I hit the 'Publish' button and begin a wonderful new adventure...

I hope you will enjoy your time here and visit often.